Aaron was born in Caracas, Venezuela 1980. At twelve discovered through domestic camera from his father, the magic of the World Audio Visual. Since then he has been experimenting and studying film techniques.

From 1995 to 1996, worked as a Production Assistant in a TV series.
In 1997, earned a degree in Cinema and Television Editing.
In 1998, studied Graphic Designs at University of Central Florida, USA.
In 2006, earned his degree as a Movie Director in EAC, Spain.
Between 2006 and 2007, studied 3D Animation and Visual Effects.
Currently working freelance in the post-production of several projects.


When I realized that a sequence of 24 frames per second formed moving images that came to life; I knew that my life would revolve around thousands of sequences of frames. I love filmmaking, storytelling through images that emulate situations, current or future. This gives me great joy It is truly fascinating to be able to sort images in movement, which can make people enter a story and world created by me. This makes me feel as they can also enter my thoughts.

I call myself, cinematic artist, because since I was a child I have been studying all the film crafts, from script development to post-production. My knowledge allows me to carry out fluently as Focus puller, producer or as an editor. Part of my philosophy is that a director of any profession must have an extensive knowledge of all departments. This way, we can understand the people with whom we work. When a director gives guidelines to a team, they must not fall into whims or selfishness, since the team has put their trust in them, and vice versa. For this reason, I have studied all the trades, I want my directions to have a basis or foundation. This allows me to create an atmosphere of harmony and respect among the whole team. This philosophy allows a successful outcome among all the members.



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